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Application and advantages of small-pitch LED screens in conference rooms

Aug. 20, 2021

                        Application and advantages of small-pitch LED screens in conference rooms

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 Over the past few years, with the development of market demand, small-pitch LED screens are widely used. As the primary application place for small-pitch screens, the conference room has what requirements for the screen and what advantages does it have?


1. What are the requirements for using high-definition small-pitch LEDs in meeting rooms?

The powerful giant color high-definition small-pitch LED large-screen display system uses high-density, small-pitch surface mount packaging as the display panel. After integrating the computer system, multi-screen processing skills, signal switching skills, network skills and other applications, it is successfully used. Complete the dynamic supervision of the various situations required by the entire system, as well as real-time multi-screen display and analysis of signals from a variety of different signal sources such as computers, cameras, DVD videos, and the Internet, so as to satisfy users with large areas of display. The need for sharing information and comprehensive information.

1) The modular planning of the unit, the whole screen is truly "seamless".

Especially when it is used to broadcast news topics or hold video conferences, the characters will not be cut by seams. When displaying the WORD, EXCEL, and PPT that are often broadcast in the meeting room environment, there will be no misunderstanding and misjudgment of the content due to the intermixing of seams and table dividers.

2) The color and brightness of the entire screen have a high degree of consistency and uniformity, which can be corrected point by point.

It completely avoids the vignetting, dark edges, "patching" and other phenomena that are common in the use of projection blending, LCD/PDP flat panel splicing, and DLP splicing. When analyzing “pure background” content such as charts and graphs, the small-pitch high-definition LED display program has an unparalleled advantage.

3) The brightness of the whole screen supports intelligent adjustment from 0~1200cd/㎡, and it is fully used to various indoor display environments.

Because the LED is a self-luminous principle, it is less disturbed and affected by ambient light. Can change according to the surrounding environment, the picture is more comfortable, and the details appear perfectly. For comparison, the brightness of projection blending and DLP splicing is slightly lower (front-screen brightness 200cd/㎡—400cd/㎡). For large conference rooms or conference rooms with brighter ambient light, it is difficult to meet the application requirements.

4) Support wide range adjustment of color temperature from 1000K to 10000K to meet the requirements of different application fields. It is especially suitable for some conference display applications with special requirements for colors, such as studio, virtual simulation, video conference, medical display, etc.

5) Wide viewing angle, supporting horizontal 170°/straight 160° viewing angle, better satisfying the needs of large conference room environment and stepped conference room environment.

6) High specific illuminance, faster response speed, high refresh rate, satisfying the appearance of high-speed motion pictures.

7) Ultra-thin cabinet unit planning, compared with DLP splicing and projection blending, saves a lot of space. The protection of the device is convenient and the protection space is saved.

8) Efficient heat dissipation, no fan planning, zero noise, and a perfect meeting environment for users. In comparison, DLP, LCD, PDP splicing, the noise of the unit is greater than 30dB (A), and the noise is even greater after multiple splicing.

9) 100,000 hours of ultra-long service life, no need to replace bulbs or light sources during the life cycle, saving operation and protection costs. It can be repaired point by point, and has a lower repair cost.

10) Support 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

2. What are the advantages of LED display in the meeting room?

1) Be able to create a more comfortable and modern information conference environment.

2) Being able to share information from all aspects, making conference communication easier and smoother.

3) More and more colorful content can appear vividly, igniting the enthusiasm of the meeting.

4) Application of affairs: details appear, focus on eyes, quick processing of pictures, etc.

5) Ability to communicate and work together remotely in real time. Such as distance education, video conferences between branches and the head office, and the head office conducts training and education activities across the country.

6) Small footprint, sensitive and convenient use, simple and convenient protection.

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