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Precautions for LED display storage

Aug. 14, 2021

Precautions for LED display storage

Sometimes we cannot install the LED display immediately after purchasing it due to some factors like the structure issue or the rental screens that can’t be used due to the covid 19 in the last year and this year. In this case, we need to store the LED display well. As a precision electronic product, LED display has high requirements on storage methods and environment. If you are not careful, it may be the result of damage to the LED display. Today we are speaking from the professional point of view of LED display manufacturers. How to store the LED display correctly.

There are eight points to pay attention to when storing LED displays:

big led screen.jpg

1. After cleaning the place where the box body is to be placed, it should be laid with pearl cotton.


2. It is strictly forbidden to stack modules in disorder or stack more than 10 sheets of LED display. When the modules are stacked, the lamp surfaces are placed relative to each other and separated by pearl cotton.

3. It is recommended to place the LED display box with the lamp facing up. If there are too many, you should pay special attention to protection when you need to place it upright. It is not allowed to place it upright in places with high vibration.

4. The display box body should be handled gently. When landing, the rear side first touch the ground and then the lamp surface, beware of knocks.

5. All staff must wear a cordless anti-static wristband when installing or repairing.

6. Use an anti-static bracelet for LED display installation

7. When carrying the box, it should be lifted and not pushed or towed away on the ground, so as to avoid the unevenness of the ground causing damage to the bottom module. The box should be balanced during the lifting process, and should not swing or rotate left and right in the air. When installing the cabinet or module, handle it gently, and don't throw it.

8. If the LED display product needs to be adjusted, use a soft rubber hammer to hit the box

It is strictly forbidden to hit the metal part of the module. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze or collide between modules. In the case of gaps, abnormal positioning, etc., it is strictly forbidden to use hammers and other hard objects to hit the box and module. You can pick up the box and try again after removing other objects.


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