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Reform of magnesium cabinets in the LED display industry

Oct. 15, 2021

                                 Reform of magnesium cabinets in the LED display industry

In the past 2 years, with the market's requirements for more convenient and faster installation of displays, many outdoor display projects using traditional fixed iron boxes have been replaced by 960mm x 960mm magnesium-aluminum cabinets. Because a little bit hiher cost than the standard steel cabinets, the customer's on-site project installation is more convenient, and the weight of the cabinet is only about 27kg, which is about half the weight of the fixed steel cabinet . Therefore, it saves customers a lot of expenses in terms of freight and installation costs. This is also the fact that display manufacturers continue to update their technology according to market development, and are customer-oriented, and develop products that are good for the market and customers.


Since September 2021, magnesium ingots, the raw material for magnesium-aluminum cabinets, have continued to skyrocket, causing the price of 960mm x 960mm magnesium-aluminum cabinets to rise by nearly 70%. This has caused many customers who originally liked magnesium aluminum cabinets to be dissuaded by the price. However, the raw material market cannot be reversed, and the supply chain box prices remain high. This has led to a sharp drop in the order volume of magnesium-aluminum cabinets. So should we passively wait for the price of raw materials to return or should we look for a new way out? This is another new challenge for LED display box manufacturers. According to recent feedback from some suppliers, because the magnesium-aluminum cabinet is very highly accepted by the market, they do not intend to give up the market for this product easily. It is a very unwise choice for customers. Therefore, the cabinet supplier has made active efforts to adjust in this regard, and plans to develop a 960mm x 960mm die-cast aluminum cabinet with die-cast aluminum materials whose raw materials have not risen so significantly. I believe that soon the price of this box will return to the right track.


The market is changing at any time. In order to maintain an undefeated position in this unpredictable market today, both display manufacturers and supply chain manufacturers must maintain the ability to adapt to the rapid changes in the market at any time.

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