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What Are The Maintenance Methods For Led Display?

Jun. 24, 2020

What are the maintenance methods for Outdoor LED Display? Whenever a product is overhauled no matter how good the quality is, its life span is in addition to the quality of the product itself, maintenance is also an important key, LED display is the same as any other product It is reasonable to have problems. What we can do is to find them better before the problem comes, and do the repair work as early as possible. So what are the maintenance and detection methods of LED display screens, how should users do the inspection work of LED display screens?

1. LED display resistance detection method

For the resistance detection method of the LED display, we need to adjust the multimeter to the resistance file, first detect the resistance value of a point on a normal circuit board to ground, and then detect the same point test and normal resistance value of another same circuit board Whether there is a difference, if there is a difference, you will know the scope of the problem of the display, otherwise ignore it.

Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Display

2. LED display voltage detection method

The voltage detection of the LED display screen is to adjust the multimeter to a voltage file to detect the voltage to ground at a certain point of the suspicious problematic circuit. Compared with the previous one, it is normal, so that the problem can be easily determined.

3. Screen short-circuit detection method

The LED display short-circuit detection method is to adjust the multimeter to the short-circuit detection block, so as to detect whether there is a short circuit. If a short circuit is found, it should be resolved immediately. The short circuit of the display is also the most common LED display module failure. Also! Short circuit detection should be operated when the circuit is powered off to avoid damage to the multimeter.

4. LED display voltage drop detection method

The LED display voltage drop detection method is to adjust the multimeter to the diode voltage for the drop detection file, because all the ICs of the display are composed of many unit parts, so when there is a current passing through one of its pins, it will be There is a voltage drop on the pin. Under normal circumstances, the voltage drop on the pins of the same type of IC is similar.

We can keep in mind the above four methods of overhauling LED display screens, and inspect them at irregular times to avoid damage to our display screen and also extend the life of our LED display screen. In this way, not only can it lengthen its use time, but also save the following unnecessary budgetary expenses. Because some LED display manufacturers have only one to two years of after-sales service, after this after-sales maintenance time, they will be charged for additional repairs.

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