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Die-casting Outdoor Waterproof LED Screen P4.81 Video Visual For Sound Stage Events

With the improvement of large-screen LED display system technology, the requirements of the stage background have been more and more favored and used by the directors.

Product Description

Outdoor Waterproof LED Screen For Sound Stage Events Introduction

With the improvement of large-screen stage LED display system technology, the requirements of the stage background have been more and more favored and used by the directors. The big scene and the big picture cooperate with the main body of singing and dancing to achieve the effect of rendering the scene happy and enthusiastic so that the actors on the stage and the audience are integrated, making the audience immersive. The stage LED screen can divide a screen into multiple video screens for broadcast, the LED screen can be independent, combined, and arbitrarily used to play related large backgrounds, large screens can be displayed in sections according to performance needs, and can achieve superposition of graphics and background images Use the video signal processor to play or synthesize the same screen display, can play close-ups of characters, can be used for text scrolling, or interstitial playback, can horizontally move the video screen screen, or up and down to become text, personalized video screen, brighten, beautify Stage background and stage ground, through software design and system control to meet the owner’s requirements, advantages, frame structure design, convenient disassembly and assembly, reliable, easy to maintain applications and large entertainment venues and large-scale event occasions, really let your stage is moving, and the colors are more vivid and bright compared with traditional methods, achieving a mirage effect, high stability (no jitter, flickering, loose connectors), long service life, and non-lighting parts. The light black paint treatment guarantees the display effect.

Features of our Stage LED cabinets:

1. Die-casting aluminum cabinet, lightweight design.

2. Straight & curve design, curve angle is 0-15°.

2. 500x500 & 500x1000mm cabinet size are available.

3. P2.604/P2.976/P3.91 indoor rental, P3.91/P4.81 outdoor rental, which can meet the stage background

4. HD definition with high refresh rate IC driver.

5. Multi-application for all stage events: wedding party, corporation events,concert events, live events, TV station events, stage backdrop...

Stage Led Screen

What are the advantages of the large stage led display?

The outdoor stage LED display has the advantages of waterproof, dustproof, high brightness, stable performance, high height, long service life, low power, etc. It can display text, the image is clear, without jitter and ghosting, and eliminates distortion. Straight & curve led Screen, with good side lock, which could keep the quality of the lock, not easily broken when it was in usage. Curve Angle is 0-15°,Support 90 degree assembling, which can make with different shape as square shape or L-shape.

Stage Led Screen

What is the role of the large stage LED screen?

Enrich performance content

As an extension and supplement of the stage performance, LED enriches the content of the performance and provides the audience with information beyond the performance itself. At the same time, the on-site audience got rid of a single, fixed perspective through the stage LED screen, and could even see their own reactions, creating a certain visual sense of freshness.

Create associations and activate the atmosphere

During the performance, the large screen appeared to match the performance of the program, replacing the setting function. The virtual picture created gives us the space of imagination, more atmosphere than the real scene.

Variety and flexibility

Through technical means, we can use LED screen to play any imaginable picture, dynamic, static, realistic, freehand, colorful, and the effect is more vivid and lifelike. It not only brought new perfect enjoyment to the audience but also formed new expectations and aesthetic associations.

Stage Led ScreenStage Led Screen

Specification of Outdoor Mobile LED Panel:

Parameter Technical of P4.81 Outdoor Hire LED Screen for Stage Events
LED Module Info.Pixel PitchP4.81 Outdoor Rental
LED LampSMD1921/SMD2727/2525
IC DriverMBI5124/ICN2153/MBI5252
LED Module Size250*250mm
LED Module Resolution52*52dots
Color Temperature3000-9000K
Drive Mode1/13 scan
LED Cabinet Info.Cabinet Size500*500*80mm & 500*1000*80mm
Cabinet Resolution104*104dots & 104*208dots
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum Cabinet
LED Module Quantities2*2=4pcs & 2*4=8pcs
Cabinet Net Weight8.5kg/pc & 14kg/pc
IP GradeWaterproof IP65
LED Display Info.Best Viewing Distance5m-50m
Viewing AngleH: 140°/ V:120°
Pixel Density43222dots/㎡
Max.Power Consumption636W/㎡
Ave.Power Consumption286W/㎡
Refresh Rate1920Hz-3840H, can be adjusted
Control System Info.Operating SystemWIN98/2000/NT/XP
Control MethodSynchronous display with control PC by DVI or Asynchronous with Wifi/4G/USB
Control SystemLinsn, Nova-star, Colorlight or as you required
Display ContentVideo, DVD, VCD, TV, picture, cartoon, graphics, texts.etc.
Frame Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Transmission DistanceMulti mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30km,internet cable<100m
Operation Info.Working Temperature-20℃--+60℃
Storage Temperature-30℃--+80℃
Input VoltageAC110V/AC220V
Humidity Environment10%-95%
CertificateCE, CCC,FCC,ROHS,ISO9001
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