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What Are The Classification of Indoor LED Display

Sep. 16, 2020

Nowadays, LED Display Screens are more and more widely used in life. There are many classifications of indoor LED display screens, which can be mainly divided into the following categories.

Divided by the primary color of the display

According to the basic color of the display screen, Indoor LED Display Screens can be divided into three types: monochrome display screen, two-color display screen and full-color display screen.

1.The monochrome display is generally red, which can display various characters, various data and two-dimensional graphics. Monochromatic display screens are relatively economical and affordable, and the price is very low. The only drawback is the color, which is somewhat monotonous.

2. Two-color display, as the name suggests, has two display colors.

3. Full-color display is also called three-primary color display, it has three colors of red, yellow and green.

Indoor LED Display Screens

Indoor LED Display Screens

Divided by dot matrix density

According to the lattice density, indoor LED displays can be divided into ordinary density displays and high density displays.

Divided by work method

Divided by working methods, indoor LED displays can be divided into full-function displays and smart displays.

1.The smart display generally does not need to be connected to the host computer. There is a CPU in the display, which can save multiple pictures and can run independently. The display mode of the smart display is relatively simple.

2. The full-function display screen must be connected to a microcomputer before it can operate, and cannot operate independently. The display modes of the full-function display screen are diversified, and professional people are required to operate, and need professional technology to maintain, and professional knowledge is required to produce animation programs. The operation of the smart display screen is convenient and simple.

All in all, there are many classifications of indoor LED display screens. When choosing, users can choose a more suitable type according to their actual needs, or they can seek help from Led Display Screen Suppliers

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