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Outdoor Curve Rental LED Video Wall

1. Die-casting aluminum cabinet, lightweight design. 2. Straight & curve design, curve angle is 0-15°. 2. 500x500 & 500x1000mm cabinet size are available.

Product Description

Outdoor Curve Rental LED Video Wall Introduction

Led video wall is also called LED splicing video wall, LED TV curtain wall, LED video splicing large screen, LED splicing large screen, LED splicing curtain wall, BSV LED splicing curtain wall, BSV background wall, DID splicing screen and so on.

What is the outdoor led video wall?

The outdoor LED video wall is a complete splicing display unit, which can be used as a display alone or spliced into a large screen. According to different usage requirements, it can realize variable and large variable screen functions: single-screen split display, single-screen single display, arbitrary combination display, full-screen splicing, vertical screen display, image frame optional compensation or cover, support Digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, cross-screen display, setting and running of various display plans, and full HD signal processing in real-time.

What is the Application of the LED video wall?

The LED wall is an indispensable display device in modern multimedia exhibition halls. It has a wide range of application fields. Such as museums, science and technology museums, theme exhibitions, and temporary exhibitions. The audience can complete the query information conveniently and quickly according to the instructions on the screen, which can be seen at a glance. The information that you want or you want, the merchant puts the content to be displayed in the TV wall device and displays it to the visitors through pictures, text, and videos, so as to achieve the role of promotion and publicity.

Why choose Runbo led video wall rental?

1. Die-casting aluminum cabinet, lightweight design.

2. Straight & curve design, curve angle is 0-15°.

2. 500x500 & 500x1000mm cabinet size are available.

3. P2.604/P2.976/P3.91 indoor rental, P3.91/P4.81 outdoor rental, which can meet the stage background.

4. HD definition with high refresh rate IC driver.

5. Multi-application for all stage events: wedding party, corporation events,concert events, live events, TV station events, stage backdrop...

Led Video Wall Price

Straight & curve led Screen, with good side lock, which could keep the quality of the lock, not easily broken when it was in usage. Curve Angle is 0-15°,Support 90 degree assembling, which can make with different shape as square shape or L-shape.

Led Video Wall Price

With fast lock, quick installation, suit for all the rental stage events.

Led Video Wall Price5-1.jpg

Specification of Runbo Led High Performance Entertainment Display:

Parameter Technical of P3.91 Outdoor Wedding Events Pantalla LED
LED Module Info.Pixel PitchP3.91 Outdoor Rental
LED LampSMD1921/SMD1820
IC DriverMBI5124/ICN2153/MBI5252
LED Module Size250*250mm
LED Module Resolution64*64dots
Color Temperature3000-9000K
Drive Mode1/16 scan
LED Cabinet Info.Cabinet Size500*500*80mm & 500*1000*80mm
Cabinet Resolution128*128dots & 128*256dots
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum Cabinet
LED Module Quantities2*2=4pcs & 2*4=8pcs
Cabinet Net Weight8.5kg/pc & 14kg/pc
IP GradeWaterproof IP65
LED Display Info.Best Viewing Distance4m-50m
Viewing AngleH: 140°/ V:120°
Pixel Density65410dots/㎡
Max.Power Consumption352W/㎡
Ave.Power Consumption782W/㎡
Refresh Rate1920Hz-3840H, can be adjusted
Control System Info.Operating SystemWIN98/2000/NT/XP
Control MethodSynchronous display with control PC by DVI or Asynchronous with Wifi/4G/USB
Control SystemLinsn, Nova-star, Colorlight or as you required
Display ContentVideo, DVD, VCD, TV, picture, cartoon, graphics, texts.etc.
Frame Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Transmission DistanceMulti mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30km,internet cable<100m
Operation Info.Working Temperature-20℃--+60℃
Storage Temperature-30℃--+80℃
Input VoltageAC110V/AC220V
Humidity Environment10%-95%
CertificateCE, CCC,FCC,ROHS,ISO9001

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